Custom-made solutions for every surgical specialties

DistriVIEW is our entirely customizable solution, made to equip ORs with traditional technology video management or with IP technology (directly compatible with 4K).

Highly praised by many clients, SurgiMedia DistriVIEW offers all the advantages of centralized multifunction command, including the control of critical equipment such as surgical lights and operating or ambience cameras.

DistriVIEW: traditional video management for integrated ORs

Bring to your rooms a copper based technology known for being robust and simple in maintenance. Benefit from a single connection format technology (SDI).

You won’t need special know-how to maintain it! Any technicians can analyze the breakdowns. This solution offers a Full HD image quality and is accessible at a favorable price.

DistriVIEW: IP technology compatible with 4K

Invest in the future! Benefit from a long-term installation that ensures you the compatibility with evolving video solutions. Thanks to this upgradable and non-limited equipment, you can be sure to enjoy a sustainable return on investment.


The SurgiMedia DistriVIEW system is a ”rack based” multimedia platform which takes a new step in maximizing ergonomics for the distribution, display, transmission and storage of surgical videos and patient data in Operating and Hybrid Rooms

One of the many advantages of SurgiMedia DistriVIEW is its seamless compatibility with all video capture medical devices, regardless of specialization or manufacturer. In addition, its modular structure easily offers scalability based on evolving needs and future investment in new hardware and equipment.