Compact video management solutions for operating rooms

SurgiMedia COMPACT: The solution that allows you to connect with people outside the OR at a small price

You want to …


  • Digitalize already existing operating rooms
  • Connect with the PACS to import and export images at DICOM format
  • Record photos and videos of your surgical procedures
  • Have an easy to store machine
  • Pay a low price!
Compact 1
Compact 2

Product assets

  • Plug and Play
  • Mobile
  • All-in-one
  • With 4K technology!
  • Touchscreen and intuitive interface

Acquire. Share. Stock.

With the SurgiMedia COMPACT, you connect and access to the patient’s file instantly, in order to store, archive and share your audio and video records produced in the operating room. 

Compact et dicom viewer assets

Use it instantly

Surgimedia COMPACT are operational right away, with a plug and play setting. They are compatible with the whole set of computational and video sources (old and new generation) inside the operating room : ultrasound scanners, endoscopes, image intensifiers, browsers, microscopes …

Adaptive to all of your operating rooms

SurgiMedia COMPACT  meet all the requirements to be evolutionary to all operating room, without any structural modification. Thanks to their compact size, you  can move them from one room to another in mobile setting and store them easily even in a limited space.

Versatile and customizable

We customize your SurgiMedia COMPACT  based on your needs (audio options, video, DICOM, functionalities, …).

Initially made for video recording, they are quickly evolutionary at limited cost thanks to a SelectBOXYou will then be able to broadcast the frames of your medical devices in real time  and to do Picture In Picture and Picture And Picture display.

Without any hard labour nor time-consuming installation

The SurgiMedia COMPACT allows you to access instantaneously to the vital functions you need in the OR: the control screen, connection with the PACS, the recording of photos and videos and finally their sharing with your peers and your students. Everything is centralized on the system for more efficiency. With this machine you benefit from the best functions for money as you can record your surgeries up to 4K technology!


Flexible installation

You have 3 possibilities of installation:

  • On mobile trolley
  • On column
  • Wall mounted or on the surgical arm