Wide size Digital Light-Box

Derivated from DICOMedia 46”, its elder brother, DICOMedia 48” Slim is a non-tactile light-box that offers the possibility to display and handle radiological patient images and studies with ultimate details and allows to connect 3 different video sources (CV, VGA/RGB and DVI) and display two among those three sources (Picture IN Picture).

With DICOMedia 48”Slim, you will : 

  • Import patient series / studies from PACS or other DICOM server
  • Visualize the images in windowed or full-screen modes
  • Modifiy series/images luminosity and contrast windowings
  • Zoom, de-zoom or move images
  • Measure lengths, surfaces or angles directly on images
  • Utilise the «movie» function to scan images pile in  settable automatic mode
  • Fuse correlated studies to enhance some particular structures
  • Orientate  the images display in radiological or surgical orientation 
  • Recreate image piles using the Multi-Planar Reconstruction (MPR) mode
  • High fidelity 3D rendering 
The (optional) Keyboard/mouse interface is the easiest and fastest way to interact with DICOMedia 48”Slim computer features and the integrated video source display is settable by the remote control. The graphical pictogram based interface, developed in collaboration with surgeons and operating staff, meets all the requirements for a full understanding and acceptance. On top of this, the wide display offers the benefits of displaying several patient studies side-by-side as well as surgical source display.