Autonomous and embedded video management solutions for ORs

SurgiMedia XL embedded: the result/outcome of an integrated operating theatre at the scale of a single operating room, custom-made and adaptable at an affordable price

XL encastré

You want to…


  • Renovate entirely an existing room


  • Control the work’s budget


  • Benefit from an optimal hygiene without any visible wires


  • Have an all-in-one solution that centralizes the control functions and the information in the room


  • Obtain a perfect aesthetic and flush result in a short time (1 to 2 days of installation)

Adaptable and flexible

With this solution you get the result of an integrated room, equipped with video management functions and a flush screen.

As you manage the project at the scale of a single room, you won’t be blocking the rest of the OR. With the SurgiMedia XL, you won’t need a machine room. The equipment is made to save space and stay entirely in the room.

Therefore, you can carry out the work you want whenever you want!

A devoted team at your service

SurgiMedia XL meets all medical standards, including use in sterile conditions, directly under the control of surgeons.

Much more than a single product, the SurgiMedia XL brings with it a team of ISIS experts. The ISIS team collaborated well in advance with our clients in developing our operating environments.  Our team interacts easily with biomedical teams, architects or other professionals involved in the creation or renovation of both specialized and integrated OR facilities.

Our clients are guaranteed satisfaction, both in the product itself and in how we help them anticipate further needs and adapt to new technologies. Where work has become difficult because of outdated equipment, ISIS can work with clients to study the existing OR and identify the optimal SurgiMedia solution to greatly ease the flow of video and data.