Wide size Medical Panel PC

PanelMedia 48” and 55” 4K* are  wide Medical Panel PCs that offers to the IT Departments the possibility to install their own PC compatible softwares and peripherals.
Withe the Video-Connect optional Pack, PanelMedia 48” and 55” 4K also allows to connect up to 4 different video sources (CV, VGA/RGB, SDI and DVI) and display in PIP (Picture IN Picture) mode
*PanelMedia 55”4K Slim and Flush versions are in progress and release plan is Q3/2019.


With PanelMedia 48” and 55” 4K , you will : 

  • Connect through the LAN to the PACS or other DICOM server
  • Connect through the LAN to the Hospital Information System
  • Visualize the video sources in the operating room
The keyboard/pad or mouseinterface is the easiest and fastest way to interact with PanelMedia 48” and 55” 4K computer features and a remote control is provided to select the video sources and the PIP mode.
Caution : DO NOT USE PanelMedia 48” and 55” 4K FOR DIAGNOSIS