Performance with limited budget

The SurgiMedia®HD system, a modular multimedia platform, was developed in partnership with surgical teams to respond to the need to manage data and video sources utilized in today’s digital operating room.
SurgiMedia® takes a new step in maximizing ergonomics for the display, transmission and storage of patient data in the OR.
Highly praised by many clients, SurgiMedia®HD offers all the advantages of centralized multifunction command, including the control of critical equipment such as surgical lights and cameras.
One of the many advantages of SurgiMedia®HD and thanks to its five available models, is its seamless compatibility with all video capture medical devices, regardless of specialization or manufacturer. In addition, its modular structure easily offers scalability based on evolving needs and future investment in new hardware and equipment. To facilitate the cost-effective transition from older devices to state of the art video standards, the entire SurgiMedia® range is compatible with HD imaging up to 1080p.
The core SurgiMedia®HD system, together with its numerous available modules, permits a flexibility that is as functional as it is economical. SurgiMedia® is adaptable to the needs of each OR from the initial order placed and through subsequent upgrading and modification.
Featuring an intuitive, touch screen interface with pictograms, SurgiMedia®HD easily allows users to:
  • Import patient series / studies from PACS or other DICOM server
  • Visualize the images in windowed or full-screen modes
  • Modifiy series/images luminosity and contrast windowings
  • Zoom, de-zoom or move images
  • Measure lengths, surfaces or angles directly on images
  • Utilise the «movie» function to scan images pile in  settable automatic mode
  • Fuse correlated studies to enhance some particular structures
  • Orientate  the images display in radiological or surgical orientation 
  • Recreate image piles using the Multi-Planar Reconstruction (MPR) mode
  • Recreate high fidelity 3D rendering view
  • Capture and manage videos on single or multiple monitors
  • Record surgical procedures with sequencing that is simple and easy to understand
  • Share data with remote surgeons or other medical staff
  • Archive images and videos in DICOM format files on a server or PACS
Mobile, wall-mounted or on a surgical arm, the SurgiMedia®HD meets all medical standards, including use in sterile conditions, directly under the control of surgeons.
Much more than a single product, the SurgiMedia®HD brings with it a team of ISIS experts. The ISIS team collaborated well in advance with our clients in developing our operating environments.  Our team interacts easily with biomedical teams, architects or other professionals involved in the creation or renovation of both specialized and integrated OR facilities.
Our clients are guaranteed satisfaction, both in the product itself and in how we help them anticipate further needs and adapt to new technologies. Where work has become difficult because of outdated equipment, ISIS can work with clients to study the existing OR and identify the optimal SurgiMedia®HD’ solution to greatly ease the flow of video and data.