Wide-format video management solutions for operating rooms

SurgiMedia XL: The solution that combines greater visual comfort, an all-in-one system and real time display.

You want to …

  • Renovate an existing operating room
  • Connect to your WorkList and with the PACS to import and export images at DICOM format
  • Record photos and videos of your surgical procedures
  • Display in real time
  • Have a user-friendly machine
  • Benefit from an easy to install solution at an affordable price!

Product assets

  • All-in-one
  • Without any construction work: it takes half a day to install
  • Makes the maintenance of hygiene easy in the OR
  • Touchscreen and intuitive interface

Acquire. Share. Stock. Display.

Control the display of DICOM and video data in your operating or exam rooms with the SurgiMedia XL. Benefit from a large screen to visualize all of your medical devices in real-time.

SgM XL Gamme Autonomes

Use it instantly

With a plug-and-play setting, the SurgiMedia XL is operational right away. It is compatible with all video and computing sources of your operating rooms : ultrasound scanners, endoscopes, image intensifiers, microscopes…

Fitting in all of your rooms

The SurgiMedia XL detains all of the required functions to adapt to each operating rooms without any structural modification. On a mobile trolley, you will be able to move it easily from one room to another.

Greater visual commodity

With the SurgiMedia XL, enjoy the wide screen format to consult your patient’s data or to display images and videos you wish to share or record.

Adaptive and evolutionary

We configure your SurgiMedia XL according to your needs (audio-video-DICOM options, functions…). Because your actual needs may not be the same as your future ones, our SurgiMedia solutions are designed to be evolutionary and adaptive in order to guarantee longevity for your surgical rooms.

An all-in-one system

Our system centralizes all the essential functions: the control screen, the connection with the PACS, the routing of video signals and the recording of videos and photos.


Installed within a day

Our installation team fixes the system on the wall, connects it, ensures the connection with the network and configures the machine in half a day after receiving it at the hospital. This way you guarantee the successful running of the planned surgeries. The installation do not necessitate construction work, and won’t cause any dust nor cleaning that will delay its availability.


Flexible installation

You have two possibilities of installation:

  • On mobile trolley
  • Wall mounted