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If ISIS was mostly a great Egyptian goddess, it is also known as a French company (ISIS standing for INTELLIGENT SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS & SYSTEMS) that provides solutions to manage and control video display in operating rooms, record an intervention or share it with a colleague or students.

To do this, ISIS has developed 2 solutions. The first, the Surgimedia Autonomes, which is an all-in-one device that integrates into any intervention room and is instantly usable (it’s plug and play: I plug, I press, I display my video).

And the second, the Surgimedia DistriVIEW, which is a modular global solution where we will create the audio, video, DICOM environment of the operating room. ISIS equips both private and public institutions, all specialties combined, in France and abroad (in Switzerland, Ukraine, Morocco…).

ISIS works in particular with the Necker Sick-Children hospital in Paris or the Vaudois University Hospital in Lausanne for which ISIS has installed 19 rooms and 12 others are in project ! In all, it is nearly 450 rooms that ISIS has equipped around the world, and some for more than 15 years !

ISIS designs and produces its solutions in Saint Ismier, near Grenoble. This means that ISIS masters them perfectly and that can adapt them to the specific demands of its customers.

For the record, ISIS was created in 2001 by a team of 5 engineers with a background in advanced technologies such as robotics and surgical navigation.

You can obtain our solutions from the RESAH (mostly in France) or contact our sales team (see CONTACTS) or our export distributors.

In any case, ISIS advises you in the choice of the most suitable solution for your environment and will accompany you from installation to daily use throughout the lifetime of the Surgimedia.