Video management for hospital environment

Find out about our SurgiMedia solutions for classic or hybrid operating rooms!

  • You would like to renovate your operating theatre or build a brand new one?
  • Do you want to equip your operating room without any construction work?
  • Do you need a turnkey solution for routing and displaying the images coming from your medical devices or PACS?
  • Do you wish to record, stock and share in streaming or video-conferencing your surgical procedures?


We surely have a solution for you with our SurgiMedia range!


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Your all-in-one video management solution

Developed to answer the surgeons needs in terms of efficiency, versatility and flexibility, the SurgiMedia Autonomes (COMPACT and XL) line allows to access instantly to the patient’s file to import, store, archive and share the audio and video records made in the operating room.

Large touch screen to record surgeries
Import PACS images on DICOM Viewer


The touchscreen for display and monitoring, the connections, the audio and video software, everything is centralized on a single machine. Connect it and start right away !


Make our machines invulnerable to hackers, virus and datas losses  is our top priority at Isis. Our development team has elaborated a locked and risk-free mode for the institution network. However, a half-locked mode is available for the IT department wiling to handle this feature. 


Our machines are designed to allow the connection to all numerical medical devices (ultrasonic scanners, endscopes, browsers, microscopes, image intensifier…) used by the surgeons, for any trademark !


SurgiMedia users take full advantage of a quick start and an intuitive interface. Adjusted to the surgeons daily work, the machine allows the access to basic needs in just one click from the icons on the touchscreen


Software updates, technological improvements, connecting plot increase, expansion of video or audio options : at Isis, our products are conceived with a modularity logic, allowing the evolution of your machines through time, without structural modification and at a reasonable cost.


The right information, at the right place and the right moment.

Surgery with a DistriView video management OR

With the SurgiMedia DistriView solution, we build together the video management system of your operating rooms to create a user-friendly and efficient working environment.

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