Route. Display.  
Centralize. Collaborate.

Tailor-made solutions for hybrid-rooms and classic OR to match your requirements.
Together, we define the project right from the outset in order to optimize the integration and the connections between the various elements that your integrated room will comprise.
Centralize the information
SurgiMedia is an operating theatre video management system which centralizes all the video data and radiological images generated by the various medical devices present in the operating room.
Intuitive interface
Our solution is distinguished by an intuitive interface equipped with easy to use icons for a greater comfort. User-friendly, it offers operating theatre staff simple and reactive handling for accelerated learning.
Because medical devices are constantly evolving, ISIS offers regular development programs of the SurgiMedia installed base in order to ensure compatibility with new equipment and a greater level of functionality.
Our team advises in the implementation of plans for wiring, cable ducting, positioning of surgeon screens, wall displays of control screens and the set of interconnecting plates for the medical devices that are hooked up to it.

Customizable solutions,
for classic and hybrid OR.

In order to answer specific and evolving customer’s needs, ISIS designed two solutions: SurgiMedia DistriVIEW 4K-IP and SurgiMedia MultiVIEW 4K-IP
SurgiMedia DistriVIEW 4K-IP
The right information, at the right place and the right moment.
Improved ergonomics
Matches your specific needs
High number of possible connections
Plug and play
High Compatibility
Touchscreen and intuitive interface
SurgiMedia MultiVIEW 4K-IP
All the information gathered at the same place.
Ease the procedure
Centralize the information
Share your intervention
User-friendly interface

How does it work ?

Video management for global projects of operating theatre refurbishment or construction often appears as something very hard to understand and exhausting. Fortunately, our experience and expertise in the domain will help you in understanding the crucial parts of it.
Step 1
Sizing the project
The first step is a very important phase during which you will set the basis for your project. It relies on building a global understanding and vision of your project. In order to do so, you’ll have to gather some data: the number of rooms involved and the surgical specialties intended to perform there. This will help you in adjusting your budget.
Step 2
Choosing your ORs configuration
Secondly, you will have to identify the number and the type of medical devices (field/fix/swiveling cameras, microscopes, endoscopes, C-Arm, screens…) that are to be used in each room within the surgical environment. Also, it’s important to anticipate where they will be connected in the room and if the video management solution will be integrated or hanged on the wall.
Step 3
Setting-up the solution
The next step is to link the command panels and the medical devices with cables. Our expertise in terms of ergonomics implementation, advice and support are a real added value in your global project.
Step 4
Collaboration & Communication
More than a system you use only for routing, recording and displaying, the SurgiMedia DistriVIEW 4K-IP and MultiVIEW 4K-IP allow you to share your surgical interventions in Full HD, 3D or 4K. It’s a powerful tool you can use to transfer knowledge to your students or collaborate with your peers remotely. Make your solution evolve at any time by adding some options as patient’s file connection, DICOM image visualization or collaborative mode.
Providing advice, support and expertise to our customers is part of our DNA
Our team will be pleased to answer your questions.