All the information gathered at the same place.

Complementary multimedia solution for your hybrid rooms. Record, share and collaborate.
Centralize the information

Benefit from an additional large 4K screen to display simultaneously all the information that you set into a multiple windows mode: surgical procedure, patient’s data (face, heartbeat,…) and others you think are important.

Ease the procedure

With SurgiMedia MultiVIEW 4K-IP, the administrative tasks linked to the patient’s file (create a new file, record and archive computing data, MRI scanner, radiology images on DICOM format) are done within few clicks. Keep track of your work easily. Let’s concentrate on your core actions!

Share your intervention

In live streaming and in video-conferencing, share your interventions with your students or peers. Record them up to 4K technology on a local server or through the network.

This type of surgery requires the surgeon to perform several tasks simultaneously (studies, diagnosis, intervention) and thus, necessitates speed and precision in the analysis of data from centralized display.
All the information you need is gathered at the same place and displayed on a 4K screen.
User-friendly, the SurgiMedia MultiVIEW solution is equipped with touch screens and easy to use icons.
We co-create your multimedia environment to adapt it to your use and your medical equipment. We customize the number, the size and the position of the screens (fixed or built-in), the number and the position of the audio and video inputs and outputs …
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