SurgiMedia® is also ISIS !

July 2023

SurgiMedia® is also ISIS !


ISIS SAS was founded in 2002 to develop the SurgiScope®, a two-way neurosurgical robot. The acronym stands for Intelligent Surgical Instruments & Systems.


As everyone knows, this name also has for origin, ISIS, the famous queen and goddess of ancient Egypt.


Unfortunately, in recent years, it has also been the Anglo-Saxon acronym chosen by an organization whose motivations and activities are highly reprehensible.


For this reason, some of our foreign partners refuse to associate our products with the ISIS name and prefer, with our permission, to use SurgiMedia®, the registered trademark of our range of OR video management solutions.


Our communication materials (websites, LinkedIn pages, brochures, various visuals, etc.) can therefore display both names (or both logos) but in some countries only SurgiMedia will be mentioned.


In short, SurgiMedia® is ISIS and ISIS is SurgiMedia® !