Case Study

March 2022

The Pierre Oudot Hospital Center provides health care for a territory of 310,000 inhabitants in 158 municipalities. The Hospital is part of the Nord Dauphiné Hospital Group.

The challenge

The Pierre Oudot Hospital was constructed in 2011 and took up the challenge of building a “full digital” establishment to meet the requirements of a connected and communicating hospital. By implementing the PACS and phasing out radiological films, the hospital has created the conditions for the multimedia environment in the operating room.

All the rooms are multi-purpose, making it possible to host all the surgeries performed (orthopedics, digestive, urology, vascular, gynecology, ophthalmology). The biggest challenge was to find the single configuration suitable for all users of the theater (surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses).

A huge amount of work has been done to design the rooms, motivated by the deep desire to make high-performance, high-tech equipment available to all the surgeons in the establishment. A contrasting approach, at a time when the hospitals relied on the equipment of a single room. This is now a strategy that has paid off.

The solution and its benefits

The Pierre Oudot Hospital decided to trust ISIS on this project and its SurgiMedia DistriVIEW solution to equip its 11 operating rooms.

Biomedical Engineer
“Video management contributes to improving the comfort of the medical staff in the operating room, facilitating patient management. What we liked about ISIS is the technological mastery, the affordable price and the geographical proximity of the after-sales service. »
Pierre MIGNON, Biomedical engineer

User story

Digestive surgeon
“The SurgiMedia video management system allows me to take photos and keep evidence when there is an anatomical particularity, during surgical revisions, or to characterize the progress of the disease. Videos and photos are also used for educational purposes. Usually, this environment allows each of the actors (anaesthetist, nurses) in the operating room to follow the progress of the intervention and contributes to a more peaceful atmosphere.”
Dr GOUBAULT, Digestive Surgeon

Colectomy, Dr Goubault

ISIS company...
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