Case Study

June 2022

The Eastern Hospital Group of the Hospices Civils de Lyon, located in Bron:

- 3 Hospitals: Woman-Mother-Child, cardiology and neurology

- 34 operating theaters and 1283 beds

- 32% of equipment from the HCL fleet

The challenge

It all started in 2008 with the creation of the HFME (Woman-Mother-Child Hospital): 15 operating rooms are equipped with ISIS video management systems. In 2021, the obsolescence of certain components and software prompted the biomedical team to renew the ISIS systems. To meet the budgetary constraints and to maintain the activity of the OR, the biomedical department and the IT department built a solution with the ISIS team. The challenge:

- Preserve a maximum of elements and in particular electronic components still in perfect working order

- Renew the screens and certain weakened connectors

- Evolve towards new functionalities (access to recordings via an HCL NAS, Skype videoconference)

- Avoid the immobilization of the rooms due to the dismantling of the ceilings and the operational qualification of the air treatment which induce a loss of activity and operational management of the patients

- Preserve the habits of use of the medical staff, who have been handling the system for 13 years

- Limit the investment cost.

The objective set is to sustain the operation of the existing system and thus allow the team to continue to broadcast and route images in theaters, capture videos and do streaming.

The solution

The changes made to the existing installation are as follows:

- Switch to Windows 10 with all associated security

- Transformation of analog signals into digital format

- Implementation of shared recordings and the Skype for Business application

- Replacement of cockpits with a new interface

- Installation of a NAS server for optimal management of generated files


At the same time, two other rooms have been opened at the Louis Pradel Cardiological Hospital:

Hybrid room, in vascular surgery, equipped with the SurgiMedia DistriVIEW solution in 2018, in traditional 4K HDMI 2.0 technology with hybrid cabling.

Rhythmology room, equipped with the solution SurgiMedia MultiVIEW in 2021, in IP-based technology  computing with fiber optic cabling.

User Story

“We do not buy equipment but years of good functioning.
With ISIS, you have the assurance that after 10 years you can count on the company in terms of technical and application support.
With 500 pieces of equipment introduced per year, we want them to work from start to finish with the fewest pitfalls and solutions found by the manufacturer in the event of failure.
In my opinion, the selection criteria are not limited to the technical criteria of a machine but above all to the responsiveness and stability of the company, to the monitoring and availability of parts for quality maintenance.”
P.-O. Marguet
Biomedical Engineer

ISIS company
Since 2001, we design and produce video management solutions for the OR.