IP made simple, flexible and effective !

July 2023

In recent years, the use of digital Video over IP (VoIP) technology has revolutionized the distribution of video management systems in operating rooms.
If “traditional” video management technologies (such as HDMI, SDI, etc.) remain perfectly relevant, IP technology has many technical advantages in terms of quality and reliability and is largely free from the risks of technological developments in the coming years. However, it is still quite complex to deploy because of its high technicality. Until now, only technical specialists familiar with the management and configuration of computer servers(switches) were able to configure the elements of the devices and to proceed to their installations.
These operations are more difficult for institutions whose hospital staff intechnical and biomedical services do not necessarily have this type of ‘specialist’ in their teams.

SDVoE, choice and compatibility of components: for reasons of choice and security but, above all, not to engage with a single manufacturer, ISIS has chosen the SDVoE solution. It is an alliance of industrial IP specialists who develop their products according to a common compatibility specifications.The enormous interest of this solution being an important choice among the different devices (switches, encoders, decoders, etc.) and their immediate compatibility guaranteed.
Another very interesting feature of SDVoE devices is the ability to transmit all types of signals, whether video, audio, data orcontrol (e.g., serial or IP type) for example, for controlling peripherals such as video cameras or operating lights. 

To optimize the production, installation and maintenance but also and above all the use of its IP solutions SurgiMedia XXL, MultiVIEW and DistriVIEW, ISIS has developed an algorithm for intelligent analysis of sources and destinations directly integrated with encoders and decoders with a plug & play operation that allows to disconnect and reconnect any of these elements without having to configure the server. It immediately identifies the encoder (or decoder) used and the device connected and displays the new configuration on the user interface. This is even more interesting for mobile sources such as video columns, X-ray machines or surgical microscopes that will be automatically recognized as soon as they are connected in the operating room.

In order to optimize quality, this analysis algorithm is also able to identify the intrinsic characteristics of the connected sources and devices and optimize the transmitted signal, for example, it will have the ability to reproduce the image of a 4K BT.2020 source on a 4K monitor that has its specifications.

Another remarkable feature of this algorithm is to be able to manage “special cases”and especially the video sources of certain imaging devices presenting atypical resolutions in 4/3 format by automatic scaling without noticeable delay (<3ms). This functionality will be almost indispensable for hybrid or interventional rooms equipment.

Thus, the SDVoE technology combined with ISIS-developed intelligent analysis algorithm increases the performance of IP video management solutions while simplifying installation by technical staff and use by medical staff.