The right information, at the right place and the right moment.

Create video management systems for your surgical and medical environments.
Improved ergonomics

The SurgiMedia DistriVIEW system is a "rack based" multimedia platform for the distribution, display, transmission and storage of surgical videos and patient data in operating rooms.

High Compatibility

One of the many advantages of SurgiMedia DistriVIEW is its seamless compatibility with all video capture medical devices, regardless of specialization or manufacturer. In addition, its modular structure easily offers scalability based on evolving needs and future investment in new hardware and equipment.

Matches your specific needs

Highly praised by many clients, SurgiMedia DistriVIEW offers all the advantages of centralized multifunction command, including the control of equipment such as surgical lights and operating or ambience cameras.

With the SurgiMedia DistriVIEW solution, we build together the video
management system
of your operating rooms to create a user-friendly
and efficient
working environment.
Versatile and customizable
We customize the number, the size and the position of the screens (fixed or built-in), the number and the position of the audio and video inputs and outputs …
Because your actual needs may not be the same as your future ones, our solutions are designed to be evolutionary and adaptive in order to guarantee longevity for your surgical rooms.
All of your audio, video, DICOM
You can access your patient’s file and handle video display from the control panel to broadcast on one or several wall or surgical screens, the right information in the right place at the right moment.
Latest or traditional technologies
The SurgiMedia DistriVIEW uses HDMI 2.0 or IP technology to meet each OR and specialty specific needs, budget and wishes.
What technology is made for you ? Discover our product : DistriVIEW.
Explore our video management solutions for integrated OR.

One solution. Two technologies.

DistriVIEW HDMI 2.0
• Compatible with 80% of the video sources
• Easy to handle
• Video signals until 4K
• Reliable connection with locking connector (eg Neutrik)
    DistriVIEW IP
    • Optic fiber based technology
    • 4K display of video signals without any compression nor delay
    • Great versatility
    • An evolutivity without limits

      Your easy Integrated OR solution :
      the SurgiMedia XL Integrated

      Benefit from all the advantages of an integrated OR without its inconveniences!
      An optimal hygiene without any visible wires.
      A solution that centralizes the control functions and the information in one place in the room.
      A perfect aesthetic and flush result in a short time.
      Adaptable and flexible

      Designed for small scale operating room renovation projects, the SurgiMedia XL Integrated is a real time saver solution. Our technicians can install the system within 24h only! As you manage the project at the scale of a single room, you won’t be blocking the rest of the OT.

      Renovate one room

      With the SurgiMedia XL, you won’t need a technical room. The equipment is made to save space and stay entirely in the room.
      Test your surgical team’s needs first!
      Before investing a big amount of money in the renovation or construction of an OR, renovate one room and get its users feedback to make the right choice in terms of video management equipment!

      Providing advice, support and expertise to our customers is part of our DNA
      Our team will be pleased to answer your questions.